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Remote Control TV Universal


We present to your attention a useful app "Remote Control TV Universal"We have developed for those people who are constantly losing the remote in his apartment.
With the application "Remote Control TV Universal" you wont need to search remote control TV, because he will
always be on hand.
Upload to your smartphone or tablet analogue console from your TV.
In the application of carefully selected a large number of counterparts remotes from the TV.
In order to find the model of the TV, you need to go to the settings app.
You will see a huge list of models.
It is very convenient now you dont need to go shopping in search of the desired model of the remote, if your
pitomitsy old spoiled.
Just install our app and enjoy.
TV Universal Remote Control very simple to operate app and will not take much memory of your device.
Universal TV Remote Control performs all necessary functions, for example:
- turn on and off the TV
- volume control
- turn on and off AV/TV